até que um choque asteróide

...abrevie a humana demência

Hide and seek

There are a thousand
Me's inside me
Some of which I hide
Some are there to hide me

Which of me am I -
How can you define?
No me is just a mask
Not one simply a lie

It should be no surprise
When you find myself in ask
Of which me I was first,
And which ones will I yet

Some of me are men
And there are women too
Yet some me's, I would say,
Are not broken in two

Perhaps you'll understand,
I won't always be me,
That in fact I can't help
But vary who you'll see

So a thousand me's in one
All playing hide and seek
Must be what makes us human
For each alone is a freak

 / ) ( \
 `( Y )´
   / \
   ^ ^



Salve São Gulick!
A bênça Rei Norton!
Liberte-nos da caracinza!

Saravá Malaclypse!
Axé Omar Khayyam!
Ponham brilho em nossos olhos!

Eparrei Eris! Hail Oya!
Oxalá minha deusa do caos!

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